I published, but I can’t see the products in Etsy

Complete error description: “The product published, but I can’t see it in my Etsy store”


Nembol successfully published your items, but you can’t see them.

Solution: Check the drafts

If you listed to Etsy using Nembol for the first time, most likely your products are in the Draft section of Etsy.

There is a good explanation for that.
By default, we list the items on Etsy as Drafts, so that the user doesn’t have to pay straight away for listing active products.

You can change that option in your “List to Etsy” settings (see screenshot) and list directly as active.

Open the “list to Etsy” setting in Nembol, and flag your first items as non-active. Activate them in Etsy when ready. Later you’ll switch to list active listings directly from Nembol if you like. 

etsy published products not shows

Nembol will be able to list on Etsy only after you opt-in to pay Etsy listing fees. For this reason, you may encounter two situations:

  1. You list a product flagged as “Active” in Nembol Etsy settings —> if Etsy wants the double opt-in on the fee payment, it will block your publication and return an error.

  2. You list a product flagged as “NON-Active” in Nembol Etsy settings —> In this case, Nembol will not get an error, and your product will end up among your drafts in Etsy. From the draft folder in Etsy, you can move a product into your active listings only if you accept to pay the Etsy listing fee.

Therefore it is best to push the first products from Nembol to Etsy as “non-active”.

etsy nembol draft folder